#ReclaimEDM Podcast 01

first posted on 28.12.2017 by Admin

#ReclaimEDM Podcast 01 features fresh techno, tech-house tracks from around the world, mixed live by DJ nomsta. This episode features music by Stephan Bodzin, Turinno, Sasha Carassi's remix of Spektre, Acumen, Perc remixing Amelie Lens, Alan Wools, Axel Karakasis, Balthazar & JackRock, Frankie Bones remixed by Raito, Flug and remix by Locked Groove, Kreisel & Dani Sinergia and Hertz.

Happy holiday! Starting the mix slow and easy to ease the listener in with Stephan Bodzin's new track "Catamaran" on Tales Of Us' label Afterlife, a melodic deep-dorderline-tech-house number and quickly pick up the pace with Turinno's recent tech-breaks release "Jungle Jungle" setting the tone for all the thumpers picked out for this debut podcast. It's December and everyone's feeling festive, in the mood to party and this mixtape is for just that, to get the groove on and straight up techno is the choice of hymn. Respekt Recordings' label boss Spektre's "Forged In The Heart Of A Laserbeam" got tuff with a remix by Italian Sasha Carassi stripping things down to build a cool, contemplative cut around the strings and pads of the sci-fi inspired tune (I'm liking this maybe because I've been watching all that Stranger Things - nomsta.), which was broken down by the constant hammering and rising wonky bassline of Acumen's "Ixtapa", an excellent tech/deep-house debut on Sasha's seminal Last Night on Earth imprint. Amelie Lens has been in the spotlight recently and Perc helped lend weight (pun intended) to a nononsence remix of her loopy public announcement "Stay With Me" to a chunky beat. "No Sleep" is for the music fans thick on the dark smoky dancefloor way past their bedtimes, that's how they party in Ukraine evidently as witnessed by Alan Wools, real name Arseny Volos, on Kiev based label IAMT. By now, the mix is on a steady 129 - 130 bpm rock-out of rolling basslines. Monster tracks shifting over to Greece based producer and self-made label Axel Karakasis' Remain Records, blended into "Wake Up Experience" a new release by Bulgarian techno production duo Balthazar & JackRock. 2017 saw Detroit techno legend Frankie Bones gave an update to his 1989 anthem "Call It Techno", and I had to play the Raito remix for this year-end roundup to date the mix. Mixed in by looping the spoken words vocals on the breakdown of the previous track. This is quickly chased into the deeper end with Argentinian-in-Barcelona Flug's original and Locked Groove's "broken techno" remix of the aptly named "Deepness" on SuaraKreisel teams up with Dani Sinergia's for a soaring piece "Endless Space" recently released on Leeds-based label Yin Yang, and closing the mix, we teased with the slightly-trancey "303 In 1991", a track by Gothenburg based producer Hertz who actually did an early version of the track with limited studio gear now giving it a new rinse of updated kick and hi-hats. Enjoy!

Stephan Bodzin - Catamaran (Original Mix, Afterlife)
Turinno - Jungle Jungle (Extended Mix, Armada Electronic Elements)
Spektre - Forged In The Heart of A Laserbeam (Sasha Carassi Remix, Respekt Recordings)
Acumen - Ixtapa (Original Miх, Last Night On Earth)
Amelie Lens - Stay With Me (Perc Remix, Second State)
Alan Wools - No Sleep (Original Mix, IAMT)
Axel Karakasis - Ball And Chain (Original Mix, Remain Records)
Balthazar & JackRock - Wake Up Experience (Original Mix, Renesanz)
Frankie Bones - Call It Techno (Raito Remix, Intec)
Flug - Deepness (Original Mix, Suara)
Flug - Deepness (Locked Groove Club Mix, Suara)
Kreisel & Dani Sinergia - Endless Space (Original Mix, Yin Yang)
Hertz - 303 In 1991 (Original Mix, Sway Records)

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