Profile: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Country of origin: Japan

Although Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra ((東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ Tōkyō Suka Paradaisu Ōkesutora) is not an electronica act, they are a great band that has jazz roots, pop sensibility and an innate energy to simply have fun, and that's what ska does to the dancers.
With Ska very closely related to Dub music, and you know we love Dub and the Roots culture at #ReclaimEDM, that's all the relevance we need to cover this.

"Routine Melodies Reprise" from 2016 album 'Paradise Has No Border' - fun!
TSPO or affectionately known to fans simply by SkaPara, the band was first formed by 10 veteran musicians of the Tokyo's underground scene in 1998. They have a prolific discography, having released almost one album a year since inception and their profile grew as they tour regularly and widely over the years. They were even invited to play at Glastonbury and Coachella, reinforcing their relevance to non-jazz/ska audiences. You can read all about the band's history on Wiki here.

One of their best concert footages from their jazzier era circa 2011

Even though TSPO mainly makes live music, their music crossed over to electronica in 2002 releasing a remix record out on London-based label Afro Art which was founded by neo-soul/soulful house DJ producer Ashley Beedle and subsequently managed by Paul Murphy, a deep house DJ producer and Simon Beedle. The four tracks EP "Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, The Afro Art Remixes" captured the remix productions of Paul Murphy and Marc Woolford Project, Swedish maverick producer Håkan Lidbo and early UK tech-house producer Big Hair reworking TSPO tracks "Skapara Dub", "Brave Eagle Of Apache", "Guts For Saxophone" and "The "Big Man" Still Standing". This seems to be the only TSPO remix release from artists outside of Japan, as the other remix projects are with other Japanese artists like Takkyu Ishino, Sunaga T Experience, Cubismo Grafico, Dub Master X, Yasutaka Nakata, Shinco and De De Mouse.

The Remixes


Singapore, 16 Jan 2018, The Esplanade

Mosaic Music Series presents Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra