THE PHARCYDE is bringing their 25th anniversary tour to Singapore, a statement that their jazzier hip hop sound has the staying power amidst the harsher gangster hip hop of the West Coast where they came from.

This year marks the 25 year anniversary of ‘Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde’, the debut album of hip-hop group The Pharcyde. Now a pillar of golden age hip-hop, the album has gotten a deluxe reissue in 2017. At the time of the release however, it was not such an instant classic because of the west coast hip-hop setting renown for its harsh gangster sound. With ‘Bizarre Ride’, the Pharcyde brought a lighter, jazzier sound to the coastal hip-hop scene and contributed to the genre-mixing alternative scene of the country at the time. Although it was met with a positive response, the album took 4 years to go gold. From Kanye West naming it one of his favorite albums of all time to Eminem claiming it was far to underrated, the album has drawn in acclaim from some of the biggest names in hip-hop. The album includes the number 1 hit “Passin’ Me By”
which showcases the genre-mixing and avant-garde vision of the Pharcyde, as well as “Otha Fish” and “Ya Mama”.



It all started in 80’s when Tre ‘SlimKid3’ Hardson met Emandu ‘Imani’ Wilcox and bonded over their passion for dance. Their rapping started to take momentum when they met producer J-Swift.  Next came Romye ‘Bootie Brown’ Robinson, a dancer renown in the LA scene and lastly, when Swift brought Derrick “Fatlip” Stewart into the group, everything started to come together.


Singapore, Thu 1 March, Kilo