Referred to by some as a super-producer, Mark Fanciulli’s first record “The Tide”, released on Joris Voorn's influential Rejected label in 2011, it was clear that the scene had just found it’s newest star. Since that debut, Mark has gone on to become a taste-making talent in his own right. Humble and hard-working, his mission is to create singular sounds that stand out both on the dance floor, but also from the listening comforts of home, and he has continued to do that across the course of an assured run of EPs.

(Rejected, 2011)

(Saved, 2014)

(Planet E, 2016)

Chief amongst those are tracks like “Sacrifice” on Saved Records and a first release on Carl Craig’s globally acclaimed techno label Planet E. Inhabiting a creative nether region between house and techno, they are tracks that fill rooms with physical drum lines and lithe synths and never fail to make floors move.

His talents are not limited to production, as he gets behind the stick he is a supple selector who reacts to the moment, whether he is playing to thousands in Buenos Aires or enchanting underground crowds at Output in New York, he is able to keep the crowd moving with his unique knack for finding sounds outside of the norm as a distinct part of his weaponry.

In addition, Mark Fanciulli also owns to his very own label, Between 2 Points, via which he launched an engaging and exciting 2 track EP, ‘Tones’ early this year. He also started a radio show, Between 2 Points radio, where he puts out a monthly mix that features the range of sounds he takes influences from at the time.

a recent set at Egg, London | download here


The Council presents Mark Fanciulli (Saved Records)
Supported by Shane O'Neill
Saturday, 25 November 2017
22.00H – late

Prepare yourself for an immersive night of driving bass-lines laced with snapping rhythms and warm melodic synths as Mark Fanciulli returns to our shores.

Come through for a night of funky bass-lines, brilliant grooves, and stunning melodies that will keep your feet moving all night long.

First drink charge applies. $20 before 00:00H, $30 after 00:00H.

Please note that there will be no entry to Headquarters after 03.30H without a valid entry stamp. Club rules apply.