Marc Romboy, an advocate for electronic music with soul - reminiscent of old-school Chicago/Detroit dance floor insanity - the German-born DJ, producer and label boss has become synonymous with a soulful, vocal-infused house and techno sound.

Working in electronic music for over almost two decades, Romboy has co-founded and built internationally respected labels and projects, including the 'Le Petit Prince' imprint in 1993 as a platform for the music of friends he was playing out, followed by the launch of his completely self-run label 'Systematic Recordings' in 2004, which provided a home for productions from the likes of Robert Hood // Floorplan, Stephan Bodzin, Pan-Pot, Timo Maas Official Page, KiNK and many more.

This year, he released "Voyage de la planète", his first solo full-length production in over eight years, on his newly launched Hyperharmonic label. The album signifies an exciting new chapter for Marc as he experiments with his sound - marrying classical and electronic music to create both an emotional and atmospheric experience.

(boiler room, 2014)


Friday, 17 November 2017
22.00H – late
The Council presents Marc Romboy (Systematic Recordings)
Supported by Jamie React

The night promises to be emotive and versatile, combining the fascinating sounds of electronic music with the sublime beauty of classical music to create an extraordinary sonic experience on the dance floor.

First drink charge applies. $20 before 00:00H, $30 after 00:00H. Please note that there will be no entry to Headquarters after 02.30H without a valid entry stamp. Club rules apply.