Montreal resident and all round soulful dance music DJ Jojo Flores is one of the most prominent names of the house music scene in Canada. Most soulful house DJs have a common trait, they discovered the love for beats and dance in hip hop music and b-boying, and finding the "soul" in the music that was influenced by R&B. It is evident, because when time came to name his record label, he called it "Got Soul" - it's both a valid question and a statement to the music scene. 

Got Soul Recordings did exactly what the name said from the get-go, releasing "Obatala Y Oduduwa" and "Native Tongue Revisited" from soulful afro-tech house producer Osunlade as the first two records on the label. Although not a very busy label, it has however steadily put out a string of releases by scene-building names such as Dennis Ferrer, Glenn Underground, Soul Creation, Kenny Bobien, Ashen & Walker, Casa Menu and Doruk Ozlen and coupled with the "Therapy" club nights, Jojo Flores propelled his career further to include residencies in New York (Cielo), Miami, Hawaii, LA and invited to play at venues and festivals globally. Along the way, he even found time to build businesses parallel to music, founding a club (Club Peopl, Montreal), restaurant (Junior), and tech start-ups, a sum of parts to the world of Jojo Flores. 


Singapore, Thu 8 Feb 2018, Lulu's Lounge
InMyHouse with Jojo Flores & JNR

Manila, Sat 10 Feb 2018, The Ruins
Not Your Typical