Profile: HUNEE

Country of origin: Germany
Country of residence: Netherlands

Rolling Stones named his 2015 debut album one of the top 20 electronic music releases of that year, his productions prior to that saw light on a list of luminary labels for the hippest house and techno of the last few years namely Wille Burns' W.T. Records, Prins Thomas' Internasjonal, the Berghain-related Ostgut Ton, and Amsterdam's Rush Hour, not before paying his dues DJing around Berlin and working at funk-and-soul specialist record shop Soul Trade that gave him direct access to the records.

This kind of clout pretty much only comes from a DJ who is a real music lover and record collector first before anything else. Growing up in Bochum, an industrial area in the western parts of Germany in the same region as Dortmund and Essen, he moved to Berlin when he was 19, got interested in music and started making beats, hip hop at first, in between studying and stint at a kindergarten. It wasn't until he was in his mid-twenties that music became a full-time occupation. That occurred when he landed a job at Soul Trade, the Berlin enclave known for new and second-hand funk and soul records, a great place to start for the enquiring mind of Hunee. With music now surrounding him on a daily basis fuelling his interest and records collection, he gradually also began to pick up more DJ work in Berlin and learnt the ropes as an upcoming producer.

By 2013, even with weekly international DJ bookings and a decent discography for a new producer, he has had doubts if music is a career, seeing every record released and every gig played as a singular event. He tried to move to LA from Berlin but it did not work out as smoothly planned, but one important thing did happened - Hunee came to realisation that music is going to be a constant and "it's not going to wait for him forever".

After giving up on a life in California, Hunee moved to Amsterdam in 2014. Although with no fixed project in his mind, he set up a studio which he forced himself to go into daily, and that would eventually form Hunee's debut album Hunch Music. He didn't have to look far for a place to release it. Hunee already had an existing relationship with Amsterdam's Rush Hour store and record label, which was co-founded by his friend Antal with whom Hunee frequently DJs with.

You can buy the album directly from his bandcamp too.

2013 Boiler Room Berlin set with his signature Pointers Sisters' intro

Bali, 20 Jan 2018, Potato Head

Singapore, 25 Jan 2018, The Council Openair

Saigon, 26 Jan 2018, The Desert

Manila, 27 Jan 2018, UNKNWN

Kuala Lumpur, 3 Feb 2018 Sat, Elysium