Aston Harvey and Matt Cantor started working on music together in the mid 90’s after discovering a mutual love of Hip-Hop, Electro and Beats. They released their first two Albums ‘We Rock Hard’ and ‘Pressure Point’ on legendary Breakbeat label Freskanova. ’Raw as F**K” and ‘Adventures In Freestyle” were released on Against The Grain based out of Brighton,UK. From being voted Best Band by Muzik Magazine in ’98, to touring with Lenny Kravitz on his American Woman Tour (he asked them himself as he was so impressed with their act), rocking a crowd of 30,000 at Glastonbury Festival ’99, performing at MTV’s Times Square Millennium Party, playing Big Day Out ’05 – it’s fair to say these Guys have had one big Adventure so far.

The Freestylers began their career as an urban electronic music act, and their early Tunes "B-Boy Stance", "Ruffneck" and "Warning" set the marker. As their music progressed so did their seminal tunes turning into party anthems in the UK like "Punks", "Boom Blast", "Fasten Your Seat Belts", "Painkiller” and more recently ‘Cracks’ to list a few. In addition to their status as underground heroes, they found commercial success with their global hit song "Push Up" and have had their music synched in TV commercials and films ,including the hugely successful "Zoolander" and "Hey Dude Where’s My Car".

Their renegade approach and style to production focuses on everything in the Bass Music spectrum, with their sets and albums crossing over Jungle, Drum & Bass, Breaks and Electro. Their fifth studio album ‘The Coming Storm’ promotes the first single “Spread Love” a hybrid track between bassline House/Breaks was released, as well as a new EP Club Tracks Vol IV that was designed for DJs.


Singapore, Sat 24 Feb 2018
Under The Bridge featuring The Freestylers