Documentary: It's All Just Begun - THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF HIP HOP

Before Grandmaster Flash, there's Grandmaster Flower. Before the Bronx and Hip Hop, Brooklyn's already doing it.

This early scene yielded cats who set up the foundation of hip hop. Hand-built sound systems all over the five boroughs of New York. 'Dony' Dance Master got hold of a powerful Richard Long soundsystem, the same people who built the speakers for legendary clubs like Studio 54. 'Pete' DJ Jones would use an echo chamber system and earn a reputation for the ability to quickly transit from one record to another. DJ Hollywood "#1 DJ" a major influence to many because of his showmanship and charisma. Started playing records at home during his mother's card games, he saw first hand what good funky music does to people, he learned to read the crowd from a very young age. In 1975, Hollywood would make his greatest contribution, when he adapted the lyrics of Isaac Hayes's "Good Love 6-9969" to the breakdown part of MFSB's "Love is the Message," which made Hollywood became an instant sensation. Hollywood did something new; he rhymed syncopated to the beat of an existing record uninterruptedly for nearly a minute. In effect, he connected the various short MC rhymes/patters into one continuous rhyme, introducing "flow" and giving birth to what would become known as the "Hip Hop" style.

The promoters of the day - Nu Sounds, King Charles, Infinity Machine, - were creating battles - not with rhymes, or dance moves but with their ever growing soundsystems.

The dance was The Hustle. This is the Hip Hop story told by the DJs, before it's all begun.

Some of the anthems mentioned in the film are MFSB "Love Is The Message"

First Choice - Doctor Love (Tom Moulton 12" Mix)